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There truly is no better time to create your own space on the web! With content purges, privacy concerns of social media, social media being a shitshow in general, and so much more, I implore any and all to make their own space on the web.

There is an abundance of resources out there and here I will give a list curated with those who are new to coding in mind but will be useful to those who might need refreshing and webmasters of any skill range too.

  • HTML + CSS
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  • Layouts
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  • Hosting
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  • Webrings
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  • Graphics
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  • Various
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  • Link Directories with Resources
  • Coding can be quite daunting, and it was for me at first. But as a person who normally gives up things if they aren't instantly good at said thing I have found making a website to be a very rewarding experience that is a lot more accessible than I first thought as well.

    Go forth, I promise you that you are able to make your very own site, that will enrich the web! You CAN be a webmaster! Any and all have the power and capability to be! So go on, MAKE! THAT! WEBSITE!!!

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